Dal White Line


 Dal-White represents our highest quality product line offered.  Dal-White is produced with 100% virgin all white SBS paperboard.  Dal-White is stocked in 18pt-100pt.  We can also manufacture up to a thickness of 250pt.  We have an extensive stocking program yet have the ability to customize an order at any size.  Dal-White is ideal for multicolor offset printing and digital printing.  Dal-White can be die cut.  It also can be hot and cold mounted.  This product line is FDA approved. 




·POP Displays   ·Indoor Signage   ·High Graphic Cartons   ·Cosmetic packaging   ·Pharmaceutical Packaging   ·Frozen Packaging 

Dal Post & Dal Screen


 These are both products that are manufactured with 100% recycled material.  The Dal-Post line is white one side with a chip back.  This is offered in 18pt-28pt.  Dal-Screen is white on two sides with a chip middle.  This is available in 36pt, 50pt and 80pt.  We have an extensive stocking program yet have the ability to customize an order at any size.  The white side of these items has a smooth, clean quality which is printable.  Both Dal-Post and Dal-Screen are FDA approved. 



Folding Cartons   ·POP Displays   ·Bakery Boxes   ·Frozen
Food Cartons   ·Cereal Boxes   ·Beverage Containers 

Dal Coast


 This is our newest line of board grade.  Dal-Coast is targeted as coaster stock.  This board is uncoated on both sides, printable,   and ideal for company logos or as a promotional item.  Dal-Coast can be die cut.  This can also be hot and cold mounted. Dal-Coast is produced with 100% virgin all white SBS paperboard.  This product is available in 36pt, 50pt, 60pt, 75pt and 100pt.  This product line is FDA approved.



Coaster stock   ·POP Displays   ·Puzzles   ·Easels 

Dal Poly & Dal Block



Dal-Poly is a solid white stock coated with polyethylene on both sides. This is a wax coating which gives the paperboard moisture resistant properties.  Dal-Poly is offered in 24pt.  This is FDA approved.

Dal-Block,   commonly referred to as stoplight,  is 100% opaque.  Dal-Block has a caliper of 8.5pt and is coated white two sides.  This high quality product has a dye in between the coating preventing any light to be seen through the sheet.  The opacity of this product allows printer’s images to be extremely clear and discernible.



Dal Poly
·Retail and Political Signage   ·Outdoor Signage   ·Food Cartons   ·Interleaving for Food 

Dal Block ·Window Displays   ·POP Displays   ·Retail Signage   ·Mounting Sheet