Dal-Kraft is our lightweight Kraft sheet.  This sheet is the most economical paperboard that we carry.  It calipers at 11pt and is also referred to as Gypsum or Can Liner.  It’s primary use is a separator in the packaging of products. 



 ·Slip sheets   ·Pallet Covers   ·Tier Sheets   ·Dividers 

Dal Chip & Dal Mount


 Dallas Paper Company stocks an extensive product line of Dal-Chip and Dal-Mount. We have calipers ranging from 16pt- 60pt.  We do have the capability to laminate chipboard which can offer thickness up to 250pt.  Along with our custom chipboard orders we also have a printers chip stocking program.  The printer’s chip is available in many standard sizes which include 22pt and 26pt.  Dal-Chip is characterized by a smooth, clean, strong quality.  You can mount, bend and print on our Dal-Chip line.  This is 100% recyclable with 35% post-consumer waste. 



·Pads/Dividers   ·Separators/Tier Sheets   ·Slip Sheets/Pallet Sheets   ·Partitions  ·Easels   ·Aluminum Extrusion Strips   ·Furniture Back Panels   ·Business Form Backing  ·Wet and Dry Mount Uses   ·Folding Cartons     ·Tile Sample Swatches ·Binders/Calendar Backing   ·Picture Frame Backing   ·Puzzles  

Dal Black



Dal-Black is a solid black chipboard.  This is available in calipers of 24pt, 50pt, 75pt and 100pt.  Consistent with the Dal-Chip products,  Dal-Black shares most of the same characteristics.



 ·Photo Mounting   ·Easels   ·Pads  ·Dividers